Tired Feet

The health of the feet is a vital issue to be comfortable with ourselves. It is for this reason that, in many cases, when we feel tired feet can not rest as well as they want. But there is a way to solve it: by making massage to revitalize tired feet.

Massage foot weary

In the past, we have already echoed this very important part of the body, which stands out especially because it has hundreds of nerve endings, just by touching them gently, make us a very general feeling of relaxation and well-being throughout the body.

Not surprisingly, a few days ago we got to know one of the best ways of healing massage for the feet, so we can massage our family and friends easily and conveniently in our own home, without having to resort to some specialized center.

Well, this time we are concerned about another important issue related to the achievement of foot massage: massage to help us revitalize the feet.

Surely at one time or another you’ve felt that you have tired feet. Although it may be funny, it is true that there is nothing more annoying and uncomfortable to feel tired feet.

Although his solution, far from being complicated, is simple: it consists in performing a massage only about about ten minutes.

How to massage to revitalize tired feet

* First we take the foot with thumbs up, and fingers underneath. We will keep them fully secure, and at this point we begin to smooth the tops with their thumbs, away one for each side.

* At this point we should take the tip of the foot with one hand and put the other on the heel, so give us moral support.  This time we bend the foot up, to continue thereafter stretching downward, forcing the center of the foot.

* As if we were wringing wet clothes, we twist the foot to one side to the other, to then grab and pull each toe, one by one.

Little by little we will be checking how our feet will leave feeling more rested, and recover a bit of satisfaction to rest a

nd sleep well.