What is The Motability Scheme?

Anyone who has a mobility impairment or suffers from a disabling illness or a condition which means their health and mobility is dramatically reduced, could well be eligible to take advantage of the Motability scheme which would aid them to continue driving, whilst receiving a subsidised mode of transport.

The Motability scheme is a UK registered charity and was formed back in 1978 to aid people with mobility issues so they can keep mobile, thus helping them continue leading normal and independent life. The scheme manages the UK Government’s specialised vehicles fund, which has been formulated to specifically to aid people who require a heavily adapted cars.

Today more than half a million people are enjoying benefits and support the Motability scheme has brought them.

Anyone who is seeking to take advantage of the provision of a Motability vehicle can find out more at a local approved Motability car dealership. For example say you are looking for Ford Motability car deals, then the best place would be your local Ford car dealer franchise. As their you will find trained staff who can help you through the process and give you specialist advise so you can make an informed decision about the most suitable vehicle to suit your needs.

Other factors the scheme covers are: a brand new car every three years, or wheelchair accessible vehicle every five years. On top of this running costs like annual vehicle tax, vehicle insurance, periodic servicing and maintenance are taken care of by the Motability scheme. Full breakdown cover and assistance is also provided to Motability car users.

Even if a person has reduced mobility and they require an adapted vehicle, with conversions like specialist hand-controls, in the majority cases these adaptations are provided by the scheme at no extra cost to the Motability car user.

So if you or a family member are considering a Motability scheme vehicle or you would like to find out more about the scheme and what it may be able to offer you, you can either contact the scheme through the Motability website or by phone. Alternatively you can find out more information by popping into your local car dealership which is a registered member of the scheme and speak with one of their trained Motability scheme advisors, who will be able to provide you with specialist details and information for potential Motability scheme users.

Considering Health and Wellbeing in Later Life

One thing for sure we will all grow old one day and will most likely want to live a long an independent life for as long as possible before we are in a position where we care assistance in old age. So doing a little research online found a wide range of information on these subjects which included this blog post on tips for maintaining your independence in later life.

Most things we all need to think about during our lives are often simple or common sense options for leading a fulfilling and active life for as long as possible. So in our younger years we should aim to maintain a consistent level of fitness along with a healthy diet.

Just something like taking regular daily walks as part of an exercise regime will go a long way help keeping a level of fitness. As not only will it work body muscles, but also cardiovascular system. Doing a mixture of different fitness is even better, like something as simple as going for swim once a week or even taking up dancing will compliment any other exercising you may have already undertaken.

Another good tip for maintaining your overall wellbeing is take up a hobby or a pastime, ideally one that involves being active, like gardening or for people that don’t like doing things on their own, how about joining a local walking group or a keep fit or yoga class.

All of this offers different things for people with different levels of fitness and mobility, but most of all they offer a welcome diversion and mental stimulation, which is as essential as the physical benefits these activities offer.

Other things you can do which don’t involve leaving your home are just doing a series or simple stretching and exercises which will help your body stay supple and flexible. There are plenty keep fit and exercise dvd’s available, so pick one which suits your needs or requirements. As then it can be part of your daily routine, which will help promote blood flow around your body and your overall physical exercising needs.

So simply by making some small changes to your daily or weekly lifestyle routine, could well have many positive long term benefits for your overall health and wellbeing.

Advantage of EHR Usage in Preventing Medical Malpractice System

Electronic health records, according to top EHR leader TSI Healthcare, are unique systems that work in storing medical and patient data via electronic means. This makes such important information easily accessible to medical professionals like physicians and nursing. Consequently, these well-kept records led to the provision of quick and reliable care to all patients. It is necessary that a customer that needs EHR service must obtain the professional help of an EHR provider that already boasts of many years of specialized experience. A trusted electronic health record service provider will provide dependable guidance to a customer when dealing with data conversation services. It aids total access to online tools that will help in obtaining convenient and quick data conversion.

The many benefits that a doctor or medical staff personnel can get from a typical electronic health system are actually dependent on its specialty. When used by doctors and specialty physicians, electronic health records allow their medical staff members to enjoy full access to the patient’s record charts at all times.  Such benefit means a significant ease and convenience when accessing patient’s records compared to using the traditional way of recording, which obviously has a lot of limitations. An efficient EHR provider utilizes reliable documentation methodologies such as copying and storing of visits, efficient recognition of individual and group voices, and usage of specialized templates meant to streamline and facilitate effective method of documentation.

According to TSI Healthcare, one of the leading providers of electronic health records services, the regular use of EMR records is not only beneficial to medical doctors, staff, and nurses; but they are also very valuable when it comes to the improvement of the health of patients. Electronic health records basically offer immense benefits in terms of data documentation and processing. For example, when it comes to the use of standard protocol in the maintenance of patient’s health, this can be provided by electronic health records. It also issues alerts in clinical and medical decisions. It offers online portals, which is a highly appreciable benefit that EHR offers as far as enhancing patients’ care is concerned. The completion and delivery of documentation of patient’s records within a health and medical facility’s Electronic Health system to online portal permit patients to have full access and knowledge of their own health and medical data. In effect, electronic health record allows them to actively participate in their medical care.


Understanding Pharmaceutical Care with Mary Szela

Substances and chemicals, whether therapeutic or not, are a part of an ordinary person’s life. They are found in almost everything that there is to eat, drink, inhale, lather on, and use with. As such, it is best that an individual be armed with the knowledge of how these chemicals and substances are used for therapeutic purposes. One must be able to discern with utmost concern what he/she puts in to his/her body and what definite purposes these really serve. Mary Szela, has been in the hospital products business, particularly, in pharmaceuticals for fifteen (15) years, and here are some key information that she wants to share.

Drugs or substances prescribed to make one feel or perform better, recover from an ailment, or improve one’s quality of life amidst a pre-existing medical condition, are called generally as medications. Medical professionals refer to them as therapeutic drugs. If one hears the term chemotherapeutic drugs, these do not necessarily refer to medications used to treat cancer and other related diseases. Antibiotics are also called such. Most medications originate from medicinal plants or plant sources, but there is also a wide range of these being manufactured synthetically in pharmaceutical laboratories all over the world. Pharmacy, or the study of substances used for medicinal purposes is a basic knowledge existing early on. Historical data points to the ancient Egyptians and the Chinese to be among the first few cultures to have dabbled in it.

Medications are administered in various ways. They can be taken orally, given intravenously, injected intra-muscularly or administered nasally. The route of administration depends on the form of the medication and the quickest way by which they can be assimilated by the body. Pharmacy is divided into two major areas – Pharmacokinetics (how the drug works and how long it will be effective) and Pharmacotherapy 9what type of drug is given for a particular ailment or sickness). Not all medications are available over-the-counter or OTC. Most of them have to be purchased with a prescription from the attending physician. This is to make sure that these drugs are not to be easily dispensed with, since some of them may have necessary and adverse side effects that need to be monitored carefully. Since there are also drug classifications for medications, the prescriptions that can be issued are usually color-coded. For example, a yellow prescription paper is used when requesting for a regulated pill such as psychotrophic drugs.

Mary Szela is currently the chairperson of Rib-X Pharmaceuticals, and has also been connected with and headed several divisions for Abbot and Arisaph Pharmaceuticals before this.


Adapting The Bathroom For The Less Mobile

Whether you or someone you live with is elderly, disabled or otherwise having difficulties with the bathroom, you may have already considered adapting your bathroom to suit their needs. These additions are well known, but people have often not been aware of the practical side of the situation.

Yet there really isn’t anything to worry about when it comes to adapting such a bathroom. With the right knowledge and preparation, the process can be quite easy and efficient. Whether it is by understanding the needs of the people using it, fitting a mobility shower, or how to combine everything to make a practical and aesthetic bathroom, there are plenty of ways to approach this new choice.

Bath and Shower

Obviously the main feature of any bathroom is the bath and shower facilities. If you’re adapting your bathroom to meet the needs of disabled people, then these take a greater focus.

First of all, walk-in baths and showers are not that difficult to install. The dimensions are very similar to typical equivalents, and they use the same plumbing fixtures. Walk-in baths often have thermostat controls, but this is the only major difference you may come across.

Practical Spacing

Of course, if you use such walk-in facilities, you need to think of the practical space outside of them. These features are often designed for people who have difficulty walking or might use a wheelchair. In this regard, it’s important to leave space next to the bath and shower. This needs to be big enough for the person in question to safely get in and out. If they have a wheelchair, this needs to be able to get in and out easily.

This limits your options with other features, but it’s simply a case of making sure that the sink or toilet don’t block too much of this space. With a walk in bath, you can easily have the door at the other end to the sink, but this might not be an option with the shower. Still, with careful planning this is a manageable process; in extreme cases, you may have to move the sink or toilet, which will require more extensive work.

The Toilet

With a walk-in bath or shower installed, the toilet is the only major concern left. A traditional toilet will work fine, but you may want to install additional grips to help people lower themselves in and out. Speaking from experience, handle bars and grips aren’t that difficult to install. These are simple fittings that can be placed where you need them; in this case, besides or around the toilet. Practical placing is more important that aesthetics here, so bare this in mind when you place them.

In short, these are the major points when it comes to adapting a bathroom. If you’re worried about aesthetic choices, then bear in mind that many of these options come in a range of colours. With the right paint scheme and materials, you can easily adapt any bathroom without making sacrifices in style.

Dealing With Changes To Your Health As You Age

The ageing process causes us to face up to many bodily and mental changes. These changes can sometimes cause a great deal of stress. We may find that we are not as strong as we used to be, that our children are starting to move away from home and that illness is becoming more of a problem.

Coping with all these changes can be extremely difficult but despite this it is possible to life a happy and fulfilling life. The key factors in coping with the aging process include altering various aspects of your lifestyle – something which should be done in a way that suits both your mental and physical health.

Changing your home

Things which may help with aching limbs and poor mobility are to make a few alterations in and around the house. Investing in a new bathroom is a great place to start and as such, can help you go about your daily life with ease.

Poor mobility can affect the likes of getting in and out the bath, into the shower and close to the sink. The likes of walk in showers, bathsand easy access wet rooms are just a few of the possibilities available for those looking to address this problem and make regaining your bathing independence easy.

Bathroom benefits

As you become less mobile, it becomes increasing difficult to maintain your independence. Enjoying a relaxing shower experience shouldn’t be disrupted due to a certain mobility obstruction and it most certainly shouldn’t require you to invest in any extra assistance either.

Thankfully, walk in shower units provide you with a bespoke yet practical bathroom design that allows you to adjust your lifestyle to match your health but without sacrificing your independence or pride.

Level access shower trays, bath lifts and walk in baths are just a few of the options available and as such come in a wide range of styles all of which ensure a more luxurious, comfortable and safer bathing experience.

Changing your attitude

Of course, it isn’t all about your physical surroundings and your attitude also needs to be kept in check as you age. Elderly individuals can become easily frustrated by the limitations of their aging bodies so it is important that you tackle the cause of these swiftly.

Invest in technologies and home improvements that will allow you to continue performing everyday tasks and embrace a positive attitude which will be beneficial for both your physical and mental health.

Improving Quality Of Life With A Stairlift

Not everyone can handle stairs, which is why stair lift hire services exist to make the difficult process much more manageable.

A stairlift is a practical way to improve your quality of life, and it isn’t expensive either. A rental service is much cheaper than outright buying one and, most of the time, is much more practical too.

Improving Life

The main benefit of renting a stairlift is that it allows you to use the stairs. Essentially an automated seat that moves up and down a rail, the device allows you to safely, and comfortably, ascend and descent the stairs. Perfect for anyone who has difficulty managing steps, the different this can make is hard to imagine. Its difficult to realise just how often your own stairs are involved in your day to day business until you install a stair lift.

Whilst some may move into a bungalow or easier accommodation, a stairlift allows you to live where you currently are, which is perfect for people who greatly value their independence. Where ever you live, you should enquire about the possibility of renting a stairlift before you consider moving or making more serious changes.

Care service

In the right hands, a stairlift provider should ensure constant and regular customer service. Stannah stairlift ensure this, providing customer service quick and adequately should something go wrong.

Stair lifts are very reliable pieces of technology, but if something was to go wrong, you’re only a phone call away from speaking to professionals and fixing any issues.


Even though you’re only renting the stairlift, you don’t have to worry about installation. The up-front one off payment includes any financial fees as well as the installation. This means professionals will come and install the stair lift safely and correctly, ensuring you can use it no time.

Likewise, the fee also includes the eventual removal of the stair lift. To this end, you won’t find yourself worrying about additional costs when you want it removed or no longer need it. In short, installing and removing the lift is far from problematic, as it’s left to skilled technicians.

No Win, No Fee Injury Claims At Accidentclaims.org

No win, no fee is simply a term that is used to describe a type of legal process in which a solicitor is only paid for their services if they are successful in having compensation awarded to the injured party. Accidentclaims.org provides access to these solicitors, and is free to use. Anyone that has been injured and wishes to be compensated can use this service to begin the claim process.

After discussing your accident and injury with a solicitor, you will be provided with an honest opinion in regard to whether or not you may be able to be compensated. No solicitor, regardless of the method you use to contact them, will be able to guarantee that compensation will be received. However, by selecting one that will not receive a fee unless the claim is successful, you can rest assured that you will not have to pay fees if the claim does not result in a payment.

Accidentclaims.org offers a professional service for those who need legal advice. Using the simple claim form, you can start the process and elect to be contacted by a solicitor who may be able to help. Once you hear what this professional has to say, you can then choose what step you would like to take next. There is no obligation to proceed further unless you feel comfortable in doing so.


Cough Remedies From Around the World

People from round the world use a wide variety of cough remedies, from commercial cough medicines to home remedies that have been passed down for generations. Coughs are annoying but we try to tolerate them because coughing is our body’s way of getting rid of irritants. Too much coughing makes your throat feel raw though an since most people have to go to work and deal with other people, we can’t always tolerate coughing.

Home made cough remedies, no matter what country they are from, often incorporate the same ingredients.  Tea, honey, herbs and red onions are common ingredients. You don’t actually eat the onions, you use water for tea that has had a a peeled red onion sitting in it for 12 hours or so. Cough remedies that are the most common are hot tea with honey and either lemon or basil or thyme added to it.

The honey is soothing to a raw throat and hot liquids are helpful for breaking up mucus so there is some wisdom to these home cough remedies. Never give honey to a baby though, these remedies are for adults. The only cough remedies that work quickly though are commercial cough medicines. If you find yourself having to go to a meeting at work in a few hours, head to your local pharmacy for a over-the-counter treatment. .

Fast and Healthy Breakfast Ideas

It has become very apparent that breakfast is indeed the most important meal of the day. Discovering healthy breakfast ideas is an excellent way to learn more about how to get your day off to the best possible start. For many, breakfast sets the tone for the rest of the day. If your first meal is healthy, chances are that you will want subsequent meals to be as well.

Foods such as porridge, granola, and eggs are excellent starts to your day. Even better, each of these can be prepared quickly and easily. Even if you are someone that finds yourself always in a rush to get out the door each morning, you must consider the benefits of spending just a few minutes to prepare and eat a better breakfast. This may not only be important for you, but for your family as well. Children in particular need a healthy start to their day before heading off to school.

Refer to recipes if you need more healthy breakfast ideas. Many of the most popular healthy breakfast recipes can be prepared in only five minutes. These few minutes will be a worthwhile investment in your health. Instead of grabbing junk food on your way out the door, consider healthy options that can quickly be prepared. Your body will certainly reward you with the mental clarity and energy that you need.